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Uttarakhand Tourist Places :: Nainital
Uttarakhand Tourism

Uttarakhand Tourism

Uttarakhand Tourism
The Nainital tourist district is the pride of the Kumaon region in Uttaranchal. While there are many other places equally beautiful, Nainital is certainly the most popular tourist destination in Kumaon. It's a pleasant hill station. For tourists looking for hustle and bustle the best time to go is the summer months when a lot of traffic ascends from Delhi and the plains. The town gets equally crowded during the September/ October season which coincides with the Diwali and Puja holidays. However, like most hill resorts, it has its quite periods too. During the winter, Nainital is quite another beautiful experience when it reverts back to the local population and the crowds are absent.

Peaceful, open, and invigorating. In Indian mythology, Nainital is regarded as one of the 64 'Shakti Peeths'. Legend has it that a grief stricken Lord Shiva was carrying Sati's body and one of her eyes fell here. The Nainital Lake is shaped like an eye and the town derived its name from the combination of Nain (eye) and Tal (lake). The Naina Devi temple is located at one end of the lake.

The place lay undisturbed till an English businessman chanced upon the location while hunting. The businessman, Mr. Barron, a sugar trader got enamoured of the place and decided to start a settlement on the side of the pristine lake. The British had occupied the area in 1815 and the first recorded reference to the township can be found in a journal entry in 1841 in 'Englishman Calcutta' which mentions a lake being discovered in the area. The English settlement soon had lovely cottages on the hillsides around the lake. Sometime later, a number of wealthy Indian families from the old town of Almora shifted to Nainital and the town flourished. Nainital was, at one time, the summer capital of Uttar Pradesh.

General Information
Location Nainital is situated at 29 degree 24' north latitude and 79 degree 28' east longitude
Altitude 1938 Meters or 6,360 ft, above sea level.
Temperature Summer : Max 27 C. Min 10 C.
Winter : Max 15 C. Min 3 C.
Best Season March to June & September to November

Tourist Attractions :

Nainital has several lakes close by- Bhimtal,Sattal, Naukuchiatal, Khurpatal, Malwatal, Harishtal and Lokhamtal. Sat Tal (seven lakes) is 22 km from Nainital. Bhimtal is close by, almost the same distance from Nainital. Close to Bhimtal, 4 kms away is Naukutchiatal.

Gufa Mahadev and Sepoydhara
If you are not afraid of ascending and descending a hill you can enjoy Sepoydhara very well. Placed at an. altitude of 6000 ft. one has to descend for 200 ft from the motor road. There is a natural spring pouring out volley of water through five pipes of four to, five inches in diameter. Adjacent to it there are few temples where you can worship the deity after a bath. It has 108 Haidakhan Baba (the older one) who used to pay at least a visit to this place every year during his life span. Previously known as Tara Lockup is now the district Jail of Nainital, which stand in the vicinity. It housed Moti Lal Nehru also for some time in pre-independence era.

Sri Krishnapur
On your way back from Gufa Mahadev if you change your course a bit to the west you will reach Sri Krishnapur at a height of 6000 ft before you embark the main Kathgodam road, Sri Krishnapur was the seat of a great learned Sanskrit scholar Late Pandit Sri Krishna Joshi, Advocate and Head of the Department of Religious Studies Benaras Hindu University, etc. There are about 150 manuscripts and printed books to his credit on different topics in Sanskrit, Hindi and English. This is now a place from where people get Kurmanchaliya Saur Chandra Panchang (the almanac) and other religious books besides the tourist literature including that, which is in your hand. All the good things are bound to reach you from this place.

If you move past the Baldiakhan you get a road bifurcation a place called number one for Ranikhet and Almora. If you move ahead you reach another place called Gethia It houses T.B. Sanatorium and all Ashram of Pilot Baba named as Akhil Viswa Shanti Sansthan of Maharishi Kapil Advaita Ashram. You can visit this place for your mental peace. Contact 4426 on phone you feel going there.

Hanumangarhi & Sheetladevi
It is about 3.5 kilometres from the bus stand and is at an altitude of 1950 m. As you pop up on the road from Sri Krishnapur move down the metalled road to about two kilometres and you reach Hanumangarhi. A taxi, bus, horse or a hand pulled rickshaw can carry you there. It has a temple complex presiding deity being Lord Hanuman besides Rama and Shiva. At the instance of Neem Karoli Baba around nineteen fifties these temples were erected and are now being looked after by, a trust. Ramnavami; Hanuman Jayanti and Shivratri are special festive days at these temples. One can get tea, prasad, etc. at this place.